Green Bench Brewing Company (Spring Break 2015, Part 3)

Continuing the beer travelogue of my recent Spring Break trip to Florida…

One of the highlights of Spring Break 2015 was going to a baseball game in St. Pete to see the Baltimore Orioles play the Tampa Bay Rays.

Pre-game warm-ups took place in the beer garden at Green Bench Brewing Company in sight of the stadium.

Green Bench front

The view from the beer garden:

Tropicana Field

Inside the tasting room, I reviewed the long beer menu…

Green Bench Bar

Green Bench Chalkboard

I had some time to kill before the game, so I worked my way through two different four beer flights from the many Green Bench taps.

Green Bench Taps

Flight 1:

Green Bench Sampler 1

Green Bench IPA
Demens Black IPA
Spring Bloom Double IPA
Imperial Amber

Flight 2:

Green Bench Sampler 2

Les Grisettes (Farmhouse Ale)
Wild Hermit Pale Ale
Happy Hermit Pale Ale
Saison De Banc Noir

All of the beers were delicious, and I was happy to learn that Green Bench is bottling and will be distributing in the DMV by the summer. I could have stayed at Green Bench all night, but a baseball game awaited.

Once inside the stadium…

Tropicana Field inside

I found a decent line-up of craft beer at the local beer station:

Tropicana Field Local Beer Station lineup

Tropicana Field Local Beer Station

Despite the outrageous prices, during the baseball game I had pints of:

The Orioles won the baseball game 6-5 in exciting fashion, so it was an all-around great day, with three new breweries and 10 new beers added to my hit list.

Visited on April 7, 2015.

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