Right Proper Brewing Company

Right Proper SignHere’s another entry in my occasional series of posts about visits to local brewpubs and breweries in the DMV…

Right Proper Brewing Company, Washington, D.C.

When Visited: July 15, 2015

Occasion: I’ve been wanting to visit Right Proper since they opened in December 2013, but they’re off the beaten path in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington, D.C. But in 2015, I’ve resolved to work through my beer to-do list, and I finally made it to Right Proper this summer.

Beers Sampled:
Right Proper doesn’t offer flights, but our friendly server was happy to bring us tasters. I was happy for that, because I was hesitant to commit to a pint based on just the descriptions of the beers. When a beer is brewed with seaweed or whole juniper branches, it’s definitely helpful to try it first!

Between the tasters and a few pints and half-pints, I sampled 8 of the beers on tap.

Right Proper Chalkboard

  • Naisten Sahti, a Nordic Folk beer inspired by the Finnish tradition and brewed with whole juniper branches and berries (3.8%)
  • Gregarious, a Seaweed Gose brewed with seaweed harvested from the Maine coast (3.4%)
  • Corn Rigs and Barley Rigs, a tart, dry-hopped Berliner Weiss (3.8%)
  • No Depression, a malty Country Alt (5.5%)
  • Raised by Wolves, a hoppy Pale Ale (5.0%)
  • Range Life, a hop-focused Wheat Ale (5.7%)
  • Songlines, a dry-hopped Farmhouse Ale (4.6%)
  • Comrade!, this “Anti-Imperial Stout” clocks in at only 2.4% ABV

With 4 out of 8 beers under 4% ABV and none above 6%, Right Proper’s line-up is notable for its low-alcohol offerings. Heck, these aren’t even session brews. I prefer my beer a bit stronger and hoppier, but I applaud Right Proper for its light yet tasty brew. Although I was looking for a little bit more in my glass, I had everything I could ask for in the service, food, and vibe.

Right Proper Front

Right Proper Front1

One response to “Right Proper Brewing Company

  1. I think that is a good summary and pretty fair treatment of the place, given how many very low alcohol brews they have, without any stronger options really. What they lack in strong beers they make up for with some creativity and willingness to take chances. But yes, good food, vibe, and great service.

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