2nd Story Brewing Company

As the calendar turns to 2016, I still have some 2015 beer adventures to blog…this one is an entry for my beer travelogue.

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania, November 2015 — The beer highlight of my meeting in Philadelphia was my visit to 2nd Story Brewing Company. I liked it so much, I went twice!

2nd Story Brewing Company front


2nd Story Brewing Company entrance

Beers Sampled:

  • Fritzie’s Lager, a Vienna Lager (4.9%)
  • Adsultim, an intensely hopped Imperial IPA (8.0%)
  • Who Dunnit, a hoppy American Pale Ale (4.5%)
  • Pour Me Stout, a dry Irish Stout (3.8%)
  • Berliner Weiss, a tart German wheat beer (3.6%)
  • Bonfire Brown Ale, this Brown Ale is perfect for the fall season (5.5%)
  • Brewer’s Widow, this Black Ale is “dark, lucious, hoppy, & sessionable” (3.7%)
  • Great Pumpkin Porter, a strong and tasty fall seasonal (7.7%)
  • Thrills N Pils, a classic German Pilsner (4.5%)
  • Dirty Brunette, a Belgian Brown Ale (7.2%)
  • Evolve IPA, an American IPA (6.8%)

2nd Story Brewing Company sampler

2nd Story Brewing Company chalkboard

The beer chalkboard isn’t a great picture – I hate it when brewpub chalkboards are ill-lit for photographs. But I wanted to include it in this post because I liked the “Where the Wild Brews Are” theme.

With the closing of my old stand-by Nodding Head, I can see 2nd Story becoming my new downtown Philly go-to brewpub!

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