Flying Dog Holiday Collection

Another entry in my occasional series of posts about variety 12-packs…

The Flying Dog Holiday Collection

What’s better than a variety 12-pack? A variety 12-pack and a bag of cookies!

The Holiday Collection, from Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, Maryland, features four beers inspired by the iconic Otterbein’s Bakery in Baltimore. Each beer pairs with a different Otterbein’s cookie to create flavor profiles that enhance and complement the pairing.

The Flying Dog Holiday Collection with Cookies

The pairings:

  • Citrus Saison, paired with a Sugar Cookie to bring out the brew’s grapefruit and pepper notes (6.1%)
  • Belgian Pale Ale, paired with an Orange White Chocolate Chip cookie to bring out the fruity Belgian notes (5.2%)
  • Cranberry IPA, paired with a Lemon cookie to balance the tart cranberry and hop bitterness with a little sweetness (6.4%)
  • Fig & Fennel Stout, paired with an Oatmeal Raisin cookie to enhance the dark fruit and spice notes in this strong brew (8.3%)

I’ve paired beer with a lot of different foods, like wings and chocolate, but this was my first beer and cookie tasting. It was a fun 12-pack to share with family and friends. Can’t wait until next year’s collection!

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