Niagara Brewing Company

Another entry for my beer travelogue…

NIAGARA FALLS, Ontario, January 2016 — I was in Niagara Falls for a convention and walked down to see the Falls as soon I got a break from work. I was amazed by the natural beauty as I walked the path along the Falls. At the end of the path, as I turned to walk up Clifton Hill, I saw a sight almost as beautiful as the Falls: Niagara Brewing Company.

Niagara Brewing Company front

There were 8 beers on tap:

Niagara Brewing Company taps

So I ordered the 8-beer sampler:

Niagara Brewing Company sampler

Beers Sampled:

  • Niagara Premium Lager, an easy-drinking Light Lager (4.5%)
  • Honeymoon Peach Radler, a refreshing session beer (3.5%)
  • Amber Eh!, a crisp Amber Ale (5.0%)
  • Winter White Canoe, a Winter Wheat brewed with Niagara honey (3.5%)
  • Battlefield Brown Ale, a balanced Brown (5.0%)
  • Christmas Ale, brewed with rich winter spices (5.0%)
  • Hennepin Stout, a smooth Stout (4.2%)
  • Beer Devil IPA, a tasty IPA (6.5%)

Favorite Beer: Beer Devil IPA was a traditional, well-built IPA, and I bought a can to-go. I really liked the can art and the tie-in of the branding to the Falls.

Niagara Brewing Company Beer Devil IPA

I was most impressed with: I know I say this a lot, but I was impressed with everything! Niagara Brewing Company was an oasis among the tourist traps on Clifton Hill. Sure, this was a tourist destination too, but the cool space, friendly service, delicious slider trio, and tasty brew gave it the feel of a neighborhood brewpub.

Niagara Brewing Company kegs

And oh by the way: Before going to Niagara Brewing Company, I had a pint of Oast House Barn Raiser Ale at the Elements on the Falls restaurant at the Table Rock Centre overlooking Horseshoe Falls. There can’t be many better places in the world to enjoy a pint than my table with a view of the Falls.

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