Tin Cannon Brewing Company

Here’s another entry in my occasional series of posts about visits to local brewpubs and breweries in the DMV…

Tin Cannon Brewing Company, Gainesville, Virginia

Tin Cannon Brewing Company front

When Visited: January 30 , 2016

Occasion: My son had a hockey game in Haymarket, Virginia. After dropping him off at the ice arena to get ready for his game, I had some time to kill before puck drop. So I pulled out my trusty BreweryMap app and found that Tin Cannon was only three miles away.

Tin Cannon Brewing Company bar

Beers Sampled:
Tin Cannon offers 4-beer flights and I worked my way through two flights, plus a half pint, so I could try as many beers as I could from the impressive and enticing 12-beer menu.

Tin Cannon Brewing Company sampler

  • Rusted Pipe Imperial Red Ale, a strong, hopped up Red Ale (8.3%)
  • Abbi’s Drool, an English-style Brown Ale (5.3%)
  • Vaughn’s Peanut Butter, an English Porter with natural peanut butter added to the boil (6.5%)
  • The Brunch of Champions, an Amber Ale brewed with a mix of peppers and bacon (7.4%)
  • Wren’s Strong Bitter, a strong English-style ESB (7.1%)
  • Twin Cannons Double IPA, a big, malty, and hoppy beer (8.9%, 85 IBU)
  • Busted Pipe Black IPA, a Cascadian-style Dark Ale (6.8%)
  • Humble Admiration, a Strong American Ale (7.2%, 85 IBU)
  • Ginger Snap Brown Ale, a spiced Winter Ale (6.6%)

Tin Cannon Brewing Company Wood Sign

Favorite Beer: Humble Admiration is “rich and malty with a copious amount of hops to let you know that you are experiencing something to be reckoned with.” This brew is Tin Cannon’s tribute to Stone’s Arrogant Bastard and “should remind you of the familiar myriad flavors of the original, as this ale is not for the faint of heart.” This brew is as-advertised!

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