Sly Fox Brewhouse

Another entry for my beer travelogue…

PHOENIXVILLE, Pennsylvania, Presidents Day Weekend 2016 — I was in the Philadelphia area over Presidents Day weekend for my son’s hockey tournament and found time for beer adventures, including lunch at a classic brewhouse.

Sly Fox Brewhouse front

Sly Fox Brewhouse & Eatery in Phoenixville opened way back in December 1995. They say they’re “one of the oldest brewpubs operating in the Delaware Valley.” I think they’re selling themselves short — if you opened a brewpub in 1995, you’ve got to be one of the oldest brewpubs in the country!

After brewing for that long, these guys have it down! That was obvious from the long beer menu:

Sly Fox Brewhouse beer menuOf course I ordered the six beer sampler!

Beers Sampled:

  • Rt. 113 IPA, a complex IPA brewed with hops from the Pacific Northwest and England (7.0%)
  • Odyssey Imperial IPA, a big, bold IPA (8.4%)
  • Hop Project 291, a single-hopped IPA brewed with a new experimental IPA (7.0%)
  • Saison Brune, a dark Belgian-style Saison (7.7%)
  • Saison Vos, a traditional farmhouse ale (6.9%)
  • Chester County Bitter, a traditional British Ale (4.5%)

Sly Fox Brewhouse sampler

I also tasted the Phoenix Pale Ale, Royal Weiss, and Black Raspberry Reserve.

Favorite Beer: All of Sly Fox’s hoppy brews were delicious, but Rt. 113 IPA was my favorite.

I was most impressed with: The wide variety of beers on the menu. I wish I had more time to sample through the beer menu! I also loved the pub grub — Sly Fox’s Awesome Nachos lived up to their name and my Grilled Chicken Pretzel Sandwich was amazing.

And oh by the way: I didn’t get enough Sly Fox brew at the brewhouse so I bought a mixed 12-pack of cans at the local beer store. The Box Set included two brews I tried at the brewhouse and two I didn’t: Pikeland Pils and Helles Golden Lager.

Sly Fox Box Set

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