Green Leaf Brewing Company #TBT

On Throwback Thursday, I’m looking back on a trip to Vancouver in October 2015 and my visit to Green Leaf Brewing Company. So many beers, so little time to blog…

VANCOUVER, October 2015 — During an afternoon break from meetings, I decided to take the SeaBus from downtown Vancouver to the North Shore for a visit to the Lonsdale Quay Market, home of Green Leaf Brewing Company. The ferry ride was a quick 12-minute harbor hop, and as soon as I left the ferry terminal and turned the corner to the market, there it was!

Green Leaf Brewing Company front


Green Leaf Brewing Company sign

Beers Sampled: There were four beers on tap, so I ordered the four-beer sampler rack.

Green Leaf Brewing Company chalkboard



Green Leaf Brewing Company sampler

I was most impressed with: The setting! I enjoyed my sampler rack in the small biergarten in front of the brewpub view a beautiful view of the waterfront. The beers were perfectly suited for a warm, leisurely afternoon of harbor- and people-watching. Acid Trip was a light and fruity Berliner-Weiss, while Pie Hole Pale Ale was a refreshing and hoppy Pale. My favorite beer was Bitter Leaf IPA, a classic West Coast IPA. I enjoyed the sun, view, and IPA so much that I had a pint after my sampler.

Green Leaf Brewing Company pint

And oh by the way: I loved the chalkboard art inside Green Leaf!

Green Leaf Brewing Company chalkboard2


Green Leaf Brewing Company chalkboard3

One response to “Green Leaf Brewing Company #TBT

  1. Looks like a great atmosphere. So modern! You wouldn’t find a brewery like that in Germany. A nice blog by the way! Cheers and Prost 😉

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