DC Brewery Tour

The DMV is exploding with so many new beer destinations that it’s almost impossible to keep up! So when I found myself with a rare free weekend afternoon, I decided to cross three DC breweries off my to-do list.

First Stop: Atlas Brew Works
Location: 2052 West Virginia Ave NE, Suite 102, Washington, DC 20002
Beers on Tap: 10
Favorite Beer: Ponzi, a West Coast IPA

Atlas Brew Works building

Atlas Brew Works bar

Atlas Brew Works beer menu1

Atlas Brew Works beer menu2

Atlas Brew Works taps

Atlas Brew Works flight

Second Stop: Hellbender Brewing Company
Location: 5788 2nd Street NE, Washington DC 20011
Beers on Tap: 8
Favorite Beer: Red Jam, a complex Red Ale that was just tapped that morning. I went home with a growler of this one.

Hellbender building

Hellbender taps and chalkboard

Hellbender beer menu

Hellbender Wall Art

Hellbender flight

Third Stop: 3 Stars Brewing Company
Location: 6400 Chillum Place NW, Washington, DC 20012
I’ve visited 3 Stars a couple of times before, but this my first visit since they opened their Urban Farmhouse inside the brewery.
Beers on Tap: 6
Favorite Beer: Ghost, a White IPA

3 Stars Brewing tasting room

3 Stars Brewing taps and chalkboard

3 Stars Brewing beer menu2

3 Stars Brewing beer menu1

3 Stars Brewing wall art

3 Stars Brewing flight

What a day! All three of these breweries are worth a return visit!

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