Caboose Brewing Company

Here’s another entry in my occasional series of posts about visits to local brewpubs and breweries in the DMV…

Caboose Brewing Company, Vienna, Virginia

Caboose Brewing Company

When Visited: June and August 2016

Occasion: I’m training for the ASAE Foundation Bike Ride, which is part of a larger event called the Back Roads Century. The ride is organized by Potomac Pedalers, the largest cycling organization in the DMV, and will be held September 18 in and around Shepherdstown, West Virginia. I rode last year, covering 38 miles, and this year I am aiming even higher! So I’ve been training hard…by biking to a local brewery! What else would you expect from the Boa Beer Blog?

Caboose Brewing Company in Vienna, Virginia is about 10 miles west on the W&OD Trail from my office in Arlington, where I occasionally park as a starting point for weekend rides. Thanks to the Bikeable Brews website for steering me to Caboose, which is right on the Trail! It’s been nice to break up the 20-mile round trip with a couple of cold local brews!

Beers Sampled:
Caboose offers 4-beer flights, which are great for trying a bunch of beers while keeping the overall quantity down. I am biking after all!

On my last visit in early August, the beer menu offered some serious refreshers…

Caboose Brewing Company chalkboard

A few pics of the flights I’ve refueled with on my visits:

Caboose Brewing Company flight

Caboose Brewing Company flight2

Caboose Brewing Company flight3

Caboose Brewing Company flight4

Favorite Beer: The Citra Session IPA, brewed with one of my favorite hops and only clocking in at around 5%, was the perfect pick-me-up for my return bike trip.

I was most impressed with: The unpretentiousness and welcoming attitude of the brewery staff. Amidst sweaty cyclists in unflattering biking attire, the brewery staff was unflappable. It’s a nice place, so the clientele is not what you might expect, except for the fact that the brewery is right off the bike trail. Oh, and the biscuits and gravy was damn good too.

Here’s a couple of interior shots, and then a collage to close things out:

Caboose Brewing Company taps1

Caboose Brewing Company bar


caboose collage-2016-08-31 (1)

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