Black Walnut Brewery

Here’s another entry in my occasional series of posts about visits to local brewpubs and breweries in the DMV…

Black Walnut Brewery, Leesburg, Virginia

Black Walnut Brewery signWhen Visited: Late September 2016

Occasion: The best thing about biking on the W&OD Trail in Virginia isn’t the beautiful scenery and the peaceful surrounds. And as much as I love a heart-pumping bike ride, it isn’t the hearty exercise either.  No, it’s the beer. Definitely the beer.

I was towards the end of a 40-mile ride on the W&OD Trail with my biking buddy Al when we veered off into downtown Leesburg to the oasis that is Black Walnut Brewery.

Black Walnut Brewery biergartenBeers Sampled:
Black Walnut serves flights of their beers, and there were six on tap on my visit.

The beer menu and the flights:

Black Walnut Brewery chalkboard

Black Walnut Brewery flight

Black Walnut Brewery flight2

Favorite Beer: The Yellow Lab IPA was a solid IPA, and strong at 6.9%…so good that after the flight I had a pint.

I was most impressed with: The quality of the beer coming out of this nano-brewery, which has an on-site one-barrel brewing capacity.

Black Walnut Brewery

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