Heavy Seas Brewery

Heavy Seas Brewery Neon SignHere’s another entry in my occasional series of posts about visits to local brewpubs and breweries in the DMV…

Heavy Seas Alehouse, Baltimore, Maryland

When Visited: November 19, 2016

Occasion: A local day trip is a great opportunity to visit a good beer spot, especially in Baltimore. I was heading to Charm City to watch my high school soccer team play in the Maryland state championship and decided to grab lunch first at the Heavy Seas Alehouse. It’s not exactly a brewpub, but with 15 Heavy Seas brews on tap, it’s close enough!

Heavy Seas Brewery Chalboard

Heavy Seas Brewery Chalboard2

Heavy Seas Brewery Taps

Beers Sampled:
The Heavy Seas Alehouse offers 4-beer flights, and I built a hoppy flight of:

  • Cross Bones, a Session IPA (4.5%)
  • Loose Cannon, one of my favorite IPAs (7.25%)
  • Double Cannon, a Double IPA (9.5%)
  • Winter Storm, an Imperial ESB and one of my favorite winter seasonals (7.5%)

Heavy Seas Brewery Flight

Favorite Beer: Well, it actually wasn’t my favorite of the flight, but I ordered a separate pint of Cross Bones, because sometimes you just need a session brew, and this IPA is tasty!

And oh by the way: Inspired by my visit to the Alehouse, a few days later I picked up a Boatload IPA Sampler – one box, four IPAs, one boatload of hops!


This 12-pack features four IPAs, including Black Cannon, a delicious black IPA that is a variation of Loose Cannon but with an obvious dark note. Speaking of which, Loose Cannon, Double Cannon, and Cross Bones are the other IPAs in this 12-pack.

And oh by the way, part 2: As I was going through some old beer pictures, I came across this one of Deep Six, a robust English-style Porter. How old is this picture? Well, the beer style has been decommissioned! Think I tried this brew in early 2015.


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