RaR Brewing

Another entry for my beer travelogue…

CAMBRIDGE, Maryland, February 4, 2017 — I took a day trip to the Eastern Shore for a family gathering over the weekend, and on the way back, I checked an item off my beer bucket list: a visit to RaR Brewing.

RaR Brewing Front

Beers Sampled: There were eight RaR beers on tap, including one of my favorite IPAs, Nanticoke Nectar.

RaR Brewing Chalkboard

RaR Brewing Taps

I sampled all eight over two four-beer samplers:

RaR Brewing Sampler 1

RaR Brewing Sampler 2

Favorite Beer: I loved all eight, but my favorite was Mint 10 Layers, a strong Dessert Stout (7.2%) that tastes like an Andes Mint.

I was most impressed with: Too hard to pick one thing! There was a lot to like about RaR, like the cool downtown location, the friendly and efficient service, and the happening vibe. RaR opened only three and a half years ago, but it felt like a well-worn pub that has been around for years and years. Maybe that’s because the brewery was built in an 80-year-old former pool hall and bowling alley.

And I liked the wall art too!

RaR Brewing Wall Art

And oh by the way: I didn’t get enough RaR beer at the brewery, so I took some home! I filled a growler with Bottom Feeder, a drinkable Farmhouse Blonde (4.4%) that I enjoyed with the Super Bowl. I also grabbed a six-pack of Groove City Hefeweizen cans.

RaR Brewing Growler

One response to “RaR Brewing

  1. Mike- So glad that you made it to RaR. One of our favorite hometown breweries. Love the Pulp IPA and the Country Ride! Perfect pair for the Drunken tots.

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