A Guide to Cask Beer in Baltimore

Heavy Seas Brewery Neon SignWant to know more about cask beer? Wes Case, a features reporter for the Baltimore Sun, has a piece in today’s paper called “A guide to cask beer in Baltimore: Less carbonation, more flavor,” that provides a good tutorial on “real ale.” In addition to providing a run-down of the local breweries producing cask beer, led by Heavy Seas, Case’s article explains what cask beer is, how its made, how its served, and why craft beer enthusiasts love it so much.

Oh, and he also provides a “man-on-the-street” perspective on cask beer with quotes from yours truly. Case writes:

While the merits and drawbacks of cask beer are debatable, its mere presence indicates a brand’s dedication to beer for some.

Mike Boa, a beer blogger in Kensington, said seeing cask beer at a bar is usually a relief.

“It’s always a good sign that a place takes its beer seriously,” said Boa, who called cask beer a “nice change of pace” from keg beer. “You don’t find cask beer in every run-of-the-mill pub.”

It’s a great article, which you can read in full on the Baltimore Sun website.


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