Folly Brewpub (Toronto 2017 Part 1)

AFolly Brewpub signnother entry for my beer travelogue…

TORONTO, Ontario, January 2017 —

Every January, I look forward to a trip to Canada for an annual convention. This year I returned to a city I’ve visited many times in the past – Toronto. But as a testament to the growing craft beer scene and my own adventurousness, on this trip to Toronto, I found two new brewpubs! First up: Folly Brewpub.

I was exploring Little Portugal, trying to find the food of my ancestors, when I stumbled upon Folly Brewpub. I did find an amazing lunch, but let’s start with the beer.

Folly Brewpub front

Beers Sampled:

There were ten beers on tap, and five of them were Saisons, along with some lesser-known styles, like a Bruin and Grisette. Quite intriguing, but hey, I was in Canada.

Folly Brewpub chalkboard

So I started working my way through flights of four. One of my flights…

Folly Brewpub Sampler

Favorite Beer: Kallipolis, a Tripel that clocked in at 8.0%.

I was most impressed with: The Saison-heavy beer menu — with five Saisons on the menu, I was really able to explore the style.

And oh by the way: Before hitting Folly, I had an amazingly delicious lunch at The Portuguese Chicken Guys. That place hit the spot!

One response to “Folly Brewpub (Toronto 2017 Part 1)

  1. Mike! This is Walter Kim from GRAPHEK! Toronto seemed fun…especially with the Portuguese Chicken Guys!

    I didn’t have your email address and thought I’d reach out through your blog. Mike Skiados and I were going to meet up for some beers. Can you reach out to me via email and I will give you more details? Looking forward to discussing beer profiles with you!

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