Samuel Adams Beer Lovers Chocolate Box

It’s December 26. Not only are we fighting the usual post-Christmas letdown but it’s a nasty day outside. On Boxing Day, we’re literally boxed in by snow, sleet, and cold pouring rain.

But it’s a great day for a beer in the backroom Boa Beer Bar. So here I sit, killing off the dark afternoon with a 12-pack of Samuel Adams Winter Classics and the Samuel Adams Beer Lovers Chocolate Box. The combo was a Christmas present to my wife, and she asked me to join her on the beer-and-chocolate-tasting adventure.

Samuel Adams and San Francisco-based craft chocolate maker TCHO teamed up to develop the Beer Lover’s Chocolate Box.  The brewers worked with TCHO’s Chief Chocolate Maker to pair a premium chocolate with a Samuel Adams brew from the Winter Classics Variety Pack. The Chocolate Box comes with extensive tasting notes to guide you through this beer adventure. Or read more in the press release on the Sam Adams web site.  Tasting notes below are from the release.

Samuel Adams Beer Lovers Chocolate Box

1.  Sam Adams Boston Lager and PureNotes Dark “Chocolatey” (70%)
The malt character and subtle Noble Hop bitterness of Boston Lager bring out the rich, fudgy flavor and malty sweetness of TCHO’s “Chocolatey.”

2.  Sam Adams Winter Lager and PureNotes Dark “Citrus” (67%)
Winter Lager’s rich, hearty flavor is a pleasant balance to the delicate, smooth flavor of TCHO’s “Citrus.” The subtle citrus notes in both the beer and the chocolate complement each other perfectly.

3.  Sam Adams White Christmas vs. PureNotes Dark “Fruity” (68%)
White Christmas is a crisp, unfiltered white ale blended with holiday spices. TCHO’s “Fruity” chocolate boasts bright berry notes that highlight the citrus and wheat characters of this ale, while bringing out the warmth of its spices.

4.  Sam Adams Holiday Porter and PureNotes Dark “Nutty” (65%)
Holiday Porter is a robust and flavorful brew. The complex espresso and roasty notes of this beer are deliciously accentuated by the roasted nut and toasted malt notes of TCHO’s “Nutty” chocolate.

5. Sam Adams Old Fezziwig Ale and SeriousMilk “Classic” (39%)
Old Fezziwig Ale is bursting with spices of the season and the rich flavors of roasted malt. The creamy, caramel notes of TCHO’s “Classic” milk chocolate balance delicately with this beer’s ginger and cinnamon undertones.

6. Sam Adams Chocolate Bock and SeriousMilk “Cacao” (53%)
Chocolate Bock is a dark, decadent beer with a big, malty character, combined with the subtle sweetness of chocolate. TCHO’s “Cacao” dark milk chocolate brings out the chocolate notes of this beer and complements the brew’s nutty and fruity notes.

The tasting got better with each beer and chocolate pairing, with the last three just out-of-this-world delicious. This was my second beer-and-chocolate tasting in 2012, after the Beer and Chocolate Truffle Tasting at Gordon Biersch Rockville. I think I’m hooked on the combination of beer and chocolate!

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