Drinking Home Brew on the Eastern Shore

Judd Family Reunion

Judd Family Reunion

We had a mini-family reunion on the Eastern Shore of Maryland (Saturday, July 18), and the beer scene wasn’t pretty.  My dad brought a 12-pack of Natural Light and someone else brought a 30-pack of Keystone Light.  Even though my own cooler was stocked with good beer, I was glad to see that my brother-in-law Rich brought some of his home brew.

I’ve been drinking Rich’s home brew for years and haven’t had a bad one yet.  His most recent brew was a schwarzbier.  It was a deliciously smooth session beer and I downed two of the six that Rich brought to the party.  I hope he’s got some more of this brew stocked away!

One response to “Drinking Home Brew on the Eastern Shore

  1. Pretty happy with the way the schwarzbier turned out. Too happy I guess since it’s almost gone. Next up is my “Son of Sam” Summer Ale!

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