Ravens Training Camp and Johanssons Dining House

JohanssonsOn August 8, 2009, the kids and I drove up to Westminster, MD to watch Ravens Training Camp at McDaniel College.  I love going to Ravens Training Camp because of the…..beer!  There’s a brewery restaurant in Westminster called Johanssons Dining House.  We always pull into Johanssons for lunch after going to training camp.

Johanssons offers a four-beer sampler, and since they had five house beers on tap, I ordered the sampler plus a pint:

  • Honest Ale, a light ale
  • Whistle Stop Amber
  • Recession Wit
  • German Alt
  • Hoodle Head IPA (guess which beer I ordered by the pint)Johanssons Brews

My favorite beer was the IPA and I wish I had time for another pint.  I also liked the Recession Ale, which sells for only $2 a pint.  Beyond the house beers, they have a nice guest beer selection.  The food and service were excellent.

Johanssons is on Main Street in downtown Westminster, just a few blocks from the McDaniel College campus.  The restaurant is in an old building, which gives it a lot of character.  The English-style tavern area is very inviting.

This is the fifth year in a row that Benjamin, Emily, and I have gone to Ravens Training Camp, followed by lunch at Johanssons.  I love this family tradition!

August 8, 2009 Picture Gallery:

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