The Overlooked Beers of 2013 (Part 2)

2013 was another great year for sampling craft beer, as I described in over 80 blog posts last year. But there were a lot of beers not mentioned on the blog, despite being blog-worthy. This post is my nod to overlooked 2013 brews.

First up: When is a brewpub not a brewpub? When they don’t brew their own beer! Such was the case at the misnamed Lost River Brewing Company in Wardensville, West Virginia. I was excited to find this “brewpub” on a road trip through the back roads and small towns of West Virginia, but alas, it truly was a mirage. This fledgling operation had one house beer on the menu, and they were sold out! Not my favorite beer adventure of 2013.

Lost River Brewing Company

Better though, was my annual camping trip to Point Lookout State Park in Southern Maryland and my traditional visit to the Ruddy Duck, where I had a sampler tray of the eight house beers.

Ruddy Duck Chalkboard September 2013

Beer Chalkboard at the Ruddy Duck Brewery and Grill, Solomons, Maryland

A duo from Goose Island Beer Company, Chicago, Illinois:

Goose Island Classic Ales Collection

Goose Island Classic Ales Collection

Big John

Big John, an Imperial Stout from Goose Island Beer Company

Gritty's Halloween Ale

Gritty’s Halloween Ale

Fordham Wisteria Wheat

Fordham Wisteria Wheat

More to come from 2013 in Part 3 tomorrow…

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