A Very Beery Christmas 2015

I make it easy for holiday gift-givers — everyone knows that a beer-related gift is one that I’ll love. I was again blessed with many such gifts during the 2015 holiday season. My Christmas 2015 beer gifts:

A Pair of Bombers:

Winter White Stout, a collaboration beer from the
Asheville Brewers Alliance
Christmas Ale from Brouwerij Corsendonk in Belgium

Winter White Stout and Corsendonk Christmas Ale

A mixed six-pack of Virginia IPAs:

Troopers Alley IPA from Wolf Hills Brewing Company
Eight Point IPA from Devils Backbone Brewing Company

Eight Point IPA and Troopers Alley IPA

A Pair of Beer Coasters

including a hand-made beer cap coaster

Beer Coasters

A Yeti Can Cooler

Yeti Can Cooler

A Gordon Biersch Tap Handle

Perfect, since I usually have a Gordon Biersch brew on tap on my kegerator (I have the Winter Bock on tap now). I got a Gordon Biersch gift card too!

Gordon Biersch Tap Handle

Christmas Day 2015 was memorable for the special seasonal brews I enjoyed…

Rogue Yellow Snow IPA

Rogue Yellow Snow IPA

Rogue Yellow Snow IPA six pack

Mad Elf Ale from Tröegs Brewing Company

Mad Elf Ale

Mad Elf Ale six pack

Tidings from Port City Brewing Company


I hope you had a Very Beery Christmas!

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