Magic Hat Summer Scene 2012

I continue my tour of summer mixed 12-packs by checking out the Summer Scene at Magic Hat Brewing Company in South Burlington, VT.

Magic Hat is one of my favorite breweries because they release a mixed 12-pack for every season, often featuring new brews. The Summer Scene 12-pack was no exception. It included:

  • Elder Betty, Magic Hat’s new summer seasonal is a weiss-style ale complemented by the tart flavors of elderberries (5.5%)
  • Pistil, a smooth summer beer brewed with dandelion petals that is surprisingly tasty (4.5%)
  • Blind Faith, a well-balanced English-style IPA from Magic Hat’s IPA on Tour series (6.2%)
  • #9, Magic Hat’s flagship beer is a Pale Ale with apricot extract – a sessionable Pale with a twist (5.1%).

To learn more about Elder Betty, check out this video from Magic Hat:


And if you just want to be entertained, watch Magic Hat’s ode to Elder Betty:

Classic Magic Hat!

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