J.W. Sweetman Craft Brewery (The Pubs of Ireland)

Part 6 of my beer travelogue of our trip to Ireland…

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 24 — After happy hour at The Brew Dock, we walked back towards our hotel. As we crossed the River Liffey, I saw it in big black letters on the front of the building: J.W. Sweetman Craft Brewery. We decided to check it out.

J.W. Sweetman Craft Brewery

Where it’s Located: 1-2 Burgh Quay, Dublin 2, Ireland

When Visited: Early evening on Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Beer Sampled: J.W. Sweetman claims to be the only pub in Dublin with it’s own microbrewery. I ordered a sampler tray of the four house beers on tap.

J.W. Sweetman Craft Brewery Sampler

Pictured above: Weiss (5.0%), Pilsner (5.0%), Red Ale (4.3%), and Pale Ale (4.5%).

The beers at J.W. Sweetman were easy-drinking session brews, and we thought about staying for dinner. But the service was lacking as the barman randomly disappeared on us a few times. So we decided to head back to Farrington’s instead.

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