2010 Trip to Canada Postscript

I can’t move on from my amazing Canadian beer adventures — I still have two more restaurants and several excellent beers to log. This is my 2010 Trip to Canada Postscript…

The best dinner we had in Toronto was at the Beer Bistro, which was a short walk from the Royal York hotel. The food was awesome, the service impeccable, and it was family friendly for such an upscale establishment. There was no kid’s menu per se; the server simply asked the kids what they wanted to eat and the kitchen made it to order. Now admittedly, this wasn’t difficult, since my daughter ordered pasta with butter and my son ordered cheese flat bread. But the point is, the kids were happy, and I could sample the beer in peace!

And oh, what a beer menu! I sampled the:

  • Denison’s Dunkel, Denison’s Brewing Company, Toronto, Ontario
  • Neustadt 10w30, Neustadt Springs Brewery, Neustadt, Ontario (an English Brown Ale)
  • Black Oak Pale Ale, Black Oak Brewing, Etobicoke, Ontario
  • Hop Addict, Durham Brewing, Pickering, Ontario (a hoppy IPA)
  • St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout, McAuslan Brewing, Montreal, Quebec

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had the Hop Addict at C’est What, so I won’t rave about it again here. The standout was the Oatmeal Stout, which rates a 100 on RateBeer.com.

And finally, our last night in Toronto, we had a memorable meal at Wayne Gretzky’s restaurant. Although the food and service weren’t special, we had a great time looking at all of the displays of Gretzky memorabilia. There was an entire hall showcasing Gretzky’s personal collection, chronicling his career from a young baseball player to an NHL general manager. In addition to the hall, there were display cases throughout the museum-like restaurant.

I also had another two Canadian brews:

  • Okanagan Pale Ale, Okanagan Spring Brewery, Vernon, British Columbia
  • Muskoka Hefe Weissbier, Lakes of Muskoka Cottage Brewery, Bracebridge, Ontario

My 2010 trip to Canada netted 32 beers, four brewpubs, and one beer bistro, and it’s been fun reliving the experience through the blog.

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