Sierra Nevada IPA Beer Tasting

Armed with the latest 4-Way IPA Mixed 12-Pack, two six-packs of brand new hoppy brews, and the trusty Celebration Ale, I set out to hold my own personal Sierra Nevada IPA Beer Tasting.

I started with the 4-Way IPA Mixed Pack.

Sierra Nevada 4-Way IPA Mixed Pack

According to Sierra Nevada, For more than 30 years, we’ve been pushing the boundaries of hop-forward beers. This collection of IPAs is our gift to you. Our 4-Way IPA pack features an all-new Black IPA, a refreshing German-inspired IPA, a fruit-forward IPA brewed with peaches, and our classic Torpedo Extra IPA. 

  • Torpedo Extra IPA, this hop bomb is one of my favorite year-round IPAs (7.2%, 65 IBU)
  • Black IPA, this brew deftly balances pine hop and roasted malt flavors (6.9%)
  • German-Style IPA, a hop-forward, light-bodied beer brewed in the traditional German style (6.1%)
  • Peach IPA, this hoppy brew has a subtle sweet peach flavor (5.8%)

Moving on to my six-packs…I was excited to find the two new hoppy brews from Sierra Nevada. Sure, one of them is a Pale Ale and not an IPA, but it fit in great with my beer tasting!

Sierra Nevada Sidecar and Tropical Torpedo

  • Tropical Torpedo IPA, this tasty tropical twist on an IPA reminds of island fruits (6.7%, 55 IBU)
  • Sidecar Orange Pale Ale, this Pale Ale has a hint of orange peel for a zesty pop of bright orange flavor  (5.3%, 35 IBU)

I’ve been loving the tropical and citrus IPAs that are all the rage these days, but none of them can compare to the indomitable Celebration Ale, my favorite winter seasonal, and one of my favorite beers period.

Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

I always buy a case of Celebration every winter, and I’m already on the last few beers of my case for this season, with no snow days to speak of! So I’m tempted to buy case number two, in case Mother Nature brings me a few snow days. Magruder’s in DC still had a stack on my most recent visit…better stop back in soon!

My Sierra Nevada IPA Beer Tasting: what a way to spend a weekend afternoon!

And oh by the way…This beer tasting brought back memories of my last Sierra Nevada beer tasting:


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